• Our Story

    The Friends of Mothers Initiative was founded in 2015 to empower women through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. We are committed to "Bright Beans, Bright Futures," with 500 dedicated women farmers and 90% of women in management roles.

  • Our Impact

    We support local coffee consumption, provide farm technologies, invest in village infrastructure, and facilitate Village Savings and Loan Associations to promote financial access. We encourage alternative income sources like beekeeping and honey marketing while safeguarding the health of our communities and environment.

  • Our Coffee

    We grow specialty coffee that consistently scores above 80 points in Q grading. We have a wet and natural process, and are soon exploring new techniques to bring out nuance in our coffee. Our current lots feature a full creamy body, high vibrant acidity, with notes of fruit, chocolate and caramel followed by a long sweet aftertaste.

  • Our Commitment

    We are certified Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic standards, emphasizing fair prices, transparency, and sustainability. Our values include building strong customer relationships, promoting gender equality, and fostering bright futures for our communities.

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Learn about the coffee that is making Mount Elgon famous.

A Message from the Founder

“As the Friends of Mothers Coffee Initiative in Uganda, we are committed to empowering women through the specialty coffee industry. Our mission is driven by my personal dedication to addressing the inequalities faced by my mother and grandmother, making women's empowerment the cornerstone of our operation.

Our primary focus lies in the premium market, and we possess a distinctive feature that sets us apart. We combine the production of high-quality coffee with various initiatives aimed at empowering women.

An essential element of our approach involves implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and obtaining certifications to ensure that our coffee meets the highest quality standards. We also give priority to agroforestry practices, promoting sustainability throughout the journey of coffee, from seed to roasted bean.

In addition to our commitment to the coffee industry, we place great importance on women's health. We provide improved cook stoves to reduce the risk of indoor pollution, ultimately enhancing the well-being of the women engaged in coffee production.

Our efforts extend beyond making a positive impact within our community; we actively promote coffee and environmental awareness through coffee tourism. By sharing the stories behind our coffee and the efforts we undertake to empower women, we aspire to improve lives and create a better future for everyone involved.

Through our unwavering dedication to empowering women, producing exceptional coffee, and championing sustainable practices, the Friends of Mothers Coffee Initiative is making a meaningful difference in Uganda and beyond.”


  • "Friends of Mothers Coffee Initiative is so amazing - their coffee has a strong, heady aroma and a very smooth taste. I love it my whole family loves it and my customers love it! I'm delighted to partner with Friends of Mothers Coffee Initiative and import this beautiful African coffee into the USA." -Trevor Mitchelle, Gourmet Coffee U.S.

  • "Coffee from Mt. Elgon is simply fantastic. And their coffee is doing great things for the community too - with the Friends of Mothers Initiative giving women the chance to have a fair share value of the income from their coffee. This is great coffee, changing lives." -Franz Denk, EZA Fairer Handel, Austria

  • "We have worked with Frank Massa and the Friends of Mothers Initiative for several years to bring their coffee to the world market-place. Not only is their coffee excellent but they are great people. It is a purpose-driven organization with a mission to better themselves, their communities and the environment, values that are dear to our heart too." -Steve Bauer, Paragaon Coffee Trading U.S.

  • "The work that Frank and FMI do with the community is unmatched and passionate. That shows in their coffee. You can taste the passion, hard work and love that goes into everything they do. We are excited to partner with Frank and FMI to raise awareness and bring their product to the market here in the United States." -Cameron Brewer, Athens Coffee Exchange, U.S.

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