Experience the Journey of Coffee with Friends of Mothers

Join us for a unique coffee tourism experience in Uganda and learn about our specialty coffee production and the communities that make it possible.

An Unforgettable Coffee Adventure.

Our single-day experience, the 'Friends of Mothers Coffee Cooperative Farm Tour', immerses you in the life of our coffee growers. From farm visits to local market tours and coffee tastings, you'll get an authentic look into the journey of our coffee.

Experience a Day in the Life


9 AM: Pickup and Intro

We start the day with a warm greeting and pick-up at your hotel. As we head towards our destination, we'll share about Friends of Mothers' mission and what's in store for the day.


10 AM: Journey to Burukuru

Sit back and enjoy the scenic drive to Burukuru. Get a glimpse into local life and soak in the magnificent views of Mount Wanale.


10:30 AM: Visit a Local Farm

Experience firsthand the life of a coffee farmer. Explore a local grower's farm and learn about the coffee production process and sustainable farming principles.

Authentic Local Cuisine

12 PM: Local Lunch and Coffee Roasting

Relish a local farmer's midday meal followed by a unique coffee roasting demonstration. Savour the freshly brewed coffee and converse with the farmer to get an insight into their life and culture.


1:30 PM: Visit to FMI/BCDI Office

After lunch, we'll head to the FMI/BCDI office. Learn about the cooperative, the village savings and loan program, farmer education, and our initiatives against climate change.


2:30 PM: Local Market Tour

Experience the vibrant local market. Here's your chance to pick up some local produce, arts, and crafts. Our guide will be happy to help you with selecting local goods.


3:30 PM: Scenic Stop

We'll make a stop at a spot with breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys, possibly including a stream or waterfall. Don't forget to capture this moment with a group photo.

The Journey of the Beans

4:30 PM: Visit to Coffee Processing Plant

We conclude our tour with a visit to the processing plant. Learn about the journey of the coffee beans from farm to cup. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase our prepackaged green and roasted coffees.


6:00 PM: Casual Close-out at a Local Restaurant

Wind down your day over casual conversation, drinks, coffee, or food at a local restaurant in Mbale. We can drop you back at your hotel, or you can choose to explore further on your own.

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